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Company does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to play its lottery games. It is an offense for minors to participate in gambling activity.
Our lottery games project is not designed to attract children or adolescents. We actively discourage and track persons under the age of 18 who attempt to play at our websites. We use sophisticated verification systems which can identify minors who log in to our software.
Nevertheless, we recognise that the internet is readily accessible in many homes around the world. As a result, gaming companies and parents must work together to protect children from underage gambling. To ensure the safety of your children, we recommend installing filtering software to block minors from accessing certain websites and programmes.

Preventing Compulsive Gambling
The Company recognises that while most people gamble for entertainment, a small number of people can become obsessed with the potential monetary gains our games offer. Even though studies suggest that only a very small percentage of the adult population encounters compulsive gambling problems we take this matter exceedingly seriously and have accordingly implemented a number of measures to address this problem:

The Company's training program incorporates methods and techniques that assist our employees in recognizing and taking appropriate actions when they identify compulsive or underage gambling.
We have implemented an easy to use self-exclusion program for those who may need our assistance. Upon your request, we will cancel your membership and will prevent you from entering lottery games project.
We let you set your own maximum allowed deposit amount.
Upon your request, we will remove your name from our email list.

Playing lottery games is a form of entertainment. It is not a way to get rich quickly and pay off your debts.
Gambling is a game of chance. There are no formulas that guarantee winnings.
Make sure that the decision to playing is your choice.
Never try to chase your losses.
Check the amounts you spend on a regular basis in the Cashier.
Make sure you know the rules of the games you play.
Like many things, what is enjoyable in moderation can be disastrous in excess.

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